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An Interview With Michael Chertock

WGUC's Brian O'Donnell recently met with pianist Michael Chertock, who has has fashioned a successful career as an orchestral soloist, collaborating with conductors such as James Conlon, Jamie Laredo, Keith Lockhart, Erich Kunzel and Andrew Litton.

His many orchestra appearances include solo performances with the Philadelphia Orchestra, l’Orchestre Symphonique du Montreal, Toronto Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, Naples Philharmonic, Detroit Symphony, Chattanooga Symphony, Utah Symphony, Oregon Symphony, Indianapolis Symphony and Dayton Philharmonic.

Currently, Michael is the principal keyboardist with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Michael Chertock
What made you want to become a performer?
What sort of training did you receive?
How did you break into piano performance?
What type of music do you most like to play?
Do you travel a lot?
Who are your favorite composers?
How much should a young musician practice?
What else do you do in the field of music?
What advice can you give a beginning musician?
How do you relax?
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