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Wildcats Let Loose

WILDCATS LET LOOSE was recorded at Finneytown Middle School in Cincinnati, OH on March 28, 2007 as part of a project called Make Your Own Radio Show. Based on the nationally renowned From The Top, a radio show that airs weekly and features talented young performers from all over the country, Make Your Own Radio Show is a program designed to engage students in the dynamic process of communication and performance through the creation of their own radio show.

Listen to Wildcats
Let Loose!

This program was produced by members of the middle school orchestra. They were divided into three crews, which were as follows:

Script writers
Skit team

Song leaders

Stage managers
Technical directors
Set designers
Publicity Directors

Over the course of several weeks and following a carefully designed curriculum, these groups prepared for the big show by completing the many tasks necessary for a successful performance.

Thanks go to Heidi Johnson, music teacher at Finneytown Middle School, representatives from WGUC, including Naomi Lewin, Jim Neumeister, Chris Phelps and Chelsea VandeDrink, and Ann Gregg, Director of Education at From the Top, for their help in making Wildcats Let Loose a success.

If you are a teacher in the Cincinnati area and are interested in putting on your own show, please call Chris Phelps at 513-241-8282 or send an e-mail to

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