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Of Note is a service of Classics for Kids®, the award-winning program that is designed to introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way.

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December, 2007
Featuring Ralph Vaughan Williams

January, 2008
Featuring Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

February, 2008
Featuring Sergei Prokofiev

March, 2008
Featuring Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

April, 2008
Featuring Antonio Vivaldi

May, 2008
Featuring Aaron Copland

June, 2008
Featuring George Frideric Handel

July, 2008
Featuring George Gershwin

August, 2008
Featuring Antonin Dvorák

September, 2008
Featuring Johann Sebastian Bach

October, 2008
Featuring Modest Mussorgsky

November, 2008
Featuring Ludwig van Beethoven

December, 2008
Featuring Georges Bizet

January, 2009
Featuring Franz Schubert

February, 2009
Featuring William Grant Still

March, 2009
Featuring Johannes Brahms

April, 2009
Featuring Dmitri Kabelevsky

May, 2009
Featuring John Philip Sousa

June, 2009
Featuring Giacomo Puccini

July, 2009
Featuring Claude Debussy

August, 2009
Featuring Felix Mendelssohn

September, 2009
Featuring Zoltán Kodály

October, 2009
Featuring Edvard Grieg

November, 2009
Featuring Leonard Bernstein

December, 2009
Featuring Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Of Note

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