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Naomi Lewin

Naomi LewinNaomi Lewin is the host of the Classics for Kids radio programs. She writes all the shows, and picks the music for them.

When she was a kid in Princeton, New Jersey, Naomi took piano and oboe lessons, but what she really loved to do was sing. As soon as she got old enough, Naomi took voice lessons, and learned how to sing opera. Naomi has performed in lots of operas, musicals, and plays. The operas she likes best are The Marriage of Figaro, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Albert Herring, by Benjamin Britten.

Naomi has hosted Classics for Kids since its inception in 1998 when she joined WGUC in Cincinnati, Ohio as a classical music host. She is now a classical music host at WQXR in New York City and produces material for the ongoing archive of programs from her home there.

You can listen to WGUC online at our website.

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