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  Aaron Copland

 Classical Music in Pop

What do Frank Sinatra, Blood Sweat and Tears and John Denver have in common? They all used classical music in some of their pieces. After Aaron Copland composed his Fanfare for the Common Man, the piece was also adapted by several popular musicians. Letís explore some more classical music that made the transition to pop.



Aaron Copland is known for writing very American music. Listen to Classics for Kids programs about other American composers.


A fanfare is a flourish of trumpets, or other instruments, to draw attention as in making an announcement. The Classics for Kids interactive dictionary helps you understand the meaning of musical terms like concerto and symphony with examples for listening.


Classics for Kids Activity Sheets help you learn even more about the music you hear each week on Classics for Kids. Check out the activity sheet for Aaron Copland or your favorite composer.

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